Picture of Broadband Infrastructure

Broadband Infrastructure

high speed INTERNET is the infrastructure for a modern economy
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The Internet is Rapidly Evolving

requiring a dramatic INCREASE in SPEEDS and CAPACITY
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Delivering High-Capacity Internet for Arizona

The Digital Arizona Program is working with providers and communities to improve the delivery of high-capacity Internet access services.
Picture of The Challenge for Broadband in Arizona

The Challenge for Broadband in Arizona

accelerating GROWTH, JOBS and PROSPERITY


Our fully interactive web-based AZ Broadband Maps are powerful tools for community planners and citizens alike.

Speed Test

What is your speed? Our confidential speed test is free and easy to use.

The Digital Arizona Program

ASET is leading the initiative to identify needs and encourage collaboration on the expansion of Broadband.

The State Broadband Data and Development Grant for the Digital Arizona Program will draw to a close on January 31, 2015. As a result of the grant closing, the Digital Arizona Program will also be discontinued and the Digital Arizona Council (DAC) will no longer convene. This website will continue to be an on-line source for information and education regarding high-capacity Broadband capabilities throughout Arizona. The Broadband Planning Map Tool will continue to be found on line at: http://broadbandmap.az.gov/broadbandapp/

State Cellular Speed Test

Please Participate - Arizona needs your help in gathering data that helps community and state planners pursue policies aimed at increasing mobile broadband service coverage for all citizens.   Digital Arizona hopes you will join the effort by simply downloading the free, network testing app on your mobile device to ensure that your neighborhood is tested.

Click on the heading above to find out how to download the app!

Why is it Important?

The value of the Internet increases exponentially as it is used for more and more purposes by more and more people.

What's Available Now For Access To The Internet?

Multiple technologies have the capability for delivering high-capacity Internet access services. The availability of these technologies and their performance levels vary widely across Arizona. High density urban areas offer the most choices and pricing options because of the availability of competing services. High-capacity Internet has much more limited options in many rural communities throughout the state which the Digital Arizona Program is working with providers and communities to improve.

What's Possible?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) currently defines basic Broadband as transmission speeds of at least 4 megabits per second (Mbps), or 4 million bits per second (Mbps), downstream. However next year, the FCC is expected to increase the definition of the minimum download speed considered to be broadband to 10 Mbps. If they do this many fixed wireless services and slower DSL and cable services will no longer be classifiable as broadband. Note that "T1" services, at 1.5 Mbps, which many in the past have considered to be "broadband", do not reach even the earlier FCC definition. Streaming video services typically require a minimum of 6 Mbps for reliably streaming high definition (HD) content without disruption.

Problems to Solve

One of the greatest challenges of Broadband is providing high capacity service to those in low population density areas, such as rural areas, and small towns.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate improvements in broadband access through public-private cooperation – to provide all Arizona citizens and businesses the means to utilize high capacity digital information and services at a reasonable cost – to create economic opportunity and improve quality of life for every person, organization, and community throughout Arizona.
- Digital Arizona Program

State Cellular Speed Test


Michael Sherman

Michael leads the Broadband Planning & Public Safety Communications department within the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology division of the Arizona Department of Administration.  His responsibilities include the 9-1-1 Administration Office, the Arizona FirstNet public safety wireless broadband program, and the Digital Arizona Program.

Broadband can help close distances in Arizona

Transforming the way we experience healthcare

Leading edge e-business technology

Emerging technologies are increasing both access and expectations for learning outcomes.

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